Genuinely, I want to thank you for your help, and if I feel I need more, I always know where to find you. But for now I am confident that I am doing well myself. 

Tom . Reading

Your Inside Story ? for improved quality of life
A unique counselling service from Lynda Thornton-Hunt that can turn your life around.
As it has for many of my clients! Turn your wishes into reality.
Fed up with feeling Depressed and Anxious? Come and get some help to alleviate these issues and live a freer happier life without that 'black cloud over your head'.
Are you struggling with relationship issues and don't know where to turn? I have helped many clients straighten out relational problems and move forward into a shared satisfying contented partnership or friendship.
Do you wish you could feel more self-satisfaction and contentment with your life?  feel more satisfied, happy and successful in your personal, family and working life?   I can help you become the all you wish to be. 
 Are you an Employer - who recognises that your staff are your biggest asset? In order to enjoy a more productive  happy workforce, give support to help alleviate personal and interpersonal issues that your employees are struggling with. Call me about Employee Assisted Programs.

Are you a Medical Practice - you realises that many of the problems your patients have, you simply don't have the time to help with - like depression, anxiety, stress, childhood or relationship problems?  I can help your practice help your patientspatients cope better with the pressure  lives.

Your Inside Story - a unique, individualised service from Lynda Thornton-Hunt

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