"Thank you Sooo much for all you gave to my daughter, she is soooo lifted!"

M.A. Henley. OXON 

Havening Launches

 We are ow on the front page of The Havenig Facebook Site.
Amazing stuff!
Kevin Thomson Kevin & Sally Thomson and Lynda Thornton-Hunt have now completed over 50 remarkable Havenings based on our own (we think) unique take of what we are calling 'Christian Havening' and 'Business Havening' - as well as the awesome and miraculous (literally) variations of Havening we learned at the UK/Global Launch with Dr. Ronald Ruden and Paul McKenna. They were incredible. Thank you! As well as our own deep personal and business issue healing (at the workshop!) here's just one quote below that Karen Pawlowska is happy to share. Also see our beta site with the Three T's mnemonic I use (marketing guy!) to help explain its power. For us, it's just the beginning of the new ways Dr Ruden asked us to explore and write to him about. For 'Christian Havening',we believe that a walk with a spiritual companion (of any denomination or faith) brings a new and powerful dimension to the Havening journey! For our version of 'Business Havening' it is an amazing team building process and performance releasing solution so desperately needed in times like these - in small and large organisations.
"Thanks for the Havening, had a situation over the weekend where I would definitely have blown my top or collapsed into tears, neither happened and I felt remarkably relaxed."

Amazing stuff. 

- Karen Pawlowska
Director, Take One Business Communications