"Lynda ,you have helped me release old negative thought paterns that were holding me back from making the changes I needed to inorder to move forward. I have gone from 4/10 to a solid 9/10 in a matter of weeks. Thank you so much Lynda for guiding me through this process"

Andy T. Andover.

Your Inside Story ? Helps you lose the weight you don't want!

Lack motivation to lose weight?

Is your lack of confidence in your appearance ruining your marriage?

Is your weight and body shape holding you back from really enjoying your life?

find out what is stopping you from achieving your goal weight?

Are you fed up with "yo-yo'" dieting?

Are you dissatisfied with your looks and health?

Do you eat when you are emotionally "triggered" but would love to know why? and how to stop it?


 Can you relate to any of the above questions?..........

 then I can help you as I have helped many other clients. 

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How I help you

I specialize in helping people understanding why they feel they are not in control or enjoying life.  I can help you uncover the emotions, that are�hidden in your subconscious that holds you back from attaining your goal weight and the body shape you want.

Together we seek permanent resolutions.  I use a variety of strategies to deal with underlying issues, not just the presenting symptoms of over or under eating.

 Become proud of your body and radiate confidence and wellbeing. 

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Your Inside Story - a unique, individualised service from Lynda Thornton-Hunt.

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